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The Book Surgery was founded out of a desire to help talented writers get the best out of their work. Our services include manuscript assessment, developmental editing, line editing, proofreading and publishing advice. The Book Surgery is open to all writers, published or unpublished, at any stage of the writing process, from the initial idea to the final draft.

If you write, The Book Surgery can help you. All of the editing services available are built to assist you in producing a first-class piece of writing.

Here at The Book Surgery the aim is to guide and support you throughout the editing process. The relationship between editor and writer is very much a two-way relationship and a contract of services will only be offered when you are able to commit to the process. A good piece of writing, fiction or non-fiction, comes from raw talent, yes, but it also requires commitment and hard work. In return for your commitment you can expect to receive a fine-tuned, professional service from an experienced and supportive editor. Our job is done when you feel able to confidently submit your work, whether it be to an agent, for self-publication or to your university.




The Book Surgery is particularly committed to helping writers who might otherwise not have access to professional editing services and publishing advice. If you are a student or receiving disability and/or unemployment benefits you will receive a 20% discount on all services.

Emma C Cooke

Senior Developmental Editor and Founder of The Book Surgery Ltd

Services and Fees

This service is for writing at any stage, from the initial idea to the final draft. The focus is on identifying any major issues that prevent the progression of your writing project.

Our Manuscript Assesment Service includes:

• Critique of major plot/thesis and structure related issues

• Suggested revisions for improvements

• Tips on how to move forward with your idea/writing

The fee for this service is £250 














This service is for writing that is ready for submission and/or publication. The focus is on correcting errors in formatting, grammar, punctuation. spelling and syntax.

Our Proofreading Service:

• Corrects grammar, punctuation and spelling

• Finds and eliminates typographical errors

• Checks for consistency in presentation and usage

£20 per 1,000 words. Minimum fee of £150.00









This service is for writing that has reached, or is reaching, its final draft. The focus is on consistency of style, the craft of your writing and overall language usage.

Our Line Editing Service:

• Addresses issues relating to sentence flow and structure

• Checks for consistency of style

• Looks for ways to strengthen dialogue and narrative voice

£20 per 1,000 words. Minimum fee of £200.00















This service is for writing at any stage, from the first to the final draft. A Developmental Edit is the ultimate editing service offering you a comprehensive and detailed analysis of your manuscript.

Our Developmental Editing Service gives an extensive review of the following:
• Plot
• Themes
• Characterisation
• Point of view/voice
• Pace
• Dialogue
• Flow

It also includes a second edit, following amendments from the first edit; a consultation meeting regarding marketing/social-media exposure; and assistance in writing a query letter (pitch letter to agents).

For non-fiction works a Developmental Edit gives an extensive review of the following:
• Thesis
• Exposition
• Content
• Structure
• Organisation
• Tone

Again, a second edit, following amendments from the first edit is included in the service.

£30 per 1,000 words. Minimum fee of £300.00

A publishing consultation service offering professional advice on commercial and self-publishing issues.

Typical consultation topics:

• How to write a query letter
• Which literary agents to approach
• Marketing & publicity campaigns
• Book cover designs
• Costs & royalties
• Achieving distribution

£30 per hour









The Book Surgery’s editing and formatting services provided my book Bulletproof Peace with terrific layout, visual professionalism and good ideas. I highly recommend them! Sabbir Muslim

Author, Bulletproof Peace, October 2016

I am very happy with the proofreading service provided by The Book Surgery. It was important that we got this policy document right and the editing services provided made that happen.

Paul Rowson

CEO, London Web Studio, February 2017

I received an excellent and professional service from Emma at the Book Surgery Ltd that was tailored to my needs and returned well within the agreed deadline dates.


PHD Candidate, KCL, 2018

The Book Surgery reviewed a manuscript I have been wrestling with for years. They brought a sharp, fresh eye to it and adeptly deciphered patterns in the structure I hadn’t seen previously. They also offered opinions that helped me understand how the novel could be steered constructively in development. This all helped me move towards the next write with a clearer map in my mind, highlighting where the strengths and niggles were for me to place my attention. The editor was quick, clever and rigorous. Barbra Amiss

Author, Alabama, April 2017

Invaluable help that guided me through challenging terrain whilst completing my first draft. Thanks to you, I’m now ready to submit to my agent.


Working Title, January 2018

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